Audacity not Picking up My PreSonus Interface

I just downloaded Audacity to use with my PreSonus interface. However, Audacity is not picking it up in the Recording Device. I have tried restarting Audacity several times, clicked Rescan Audio Devices and uninstalled/re-installed Audacity. I am not sure what else to do. The manuals do not cover this issue. I am using Windows 10

Can anyone help?

Don’t double post. A forum elf has to read your posting before it becomes visible.

You should find out if your interface is visible in the Windows Sound Control Panels and the Windows bouncing sound meter works first.

You’ll have to find those yourself if you don’t already know where they are. I’m not a Windows elf. We can wait for others to post.


It’s possible to have connection problems if you cross Stereo (two sound channels) and Mono (one sound channel). As a fresh installation, those need to match all the way through. You can change them later as appropriate for your show.

I crossed those by accident on an early Audacity and my interface just wasn’t there.


See here: Windows: accessing the Windows Sound controls

Post back and tell us what’s happening. We use poster experiences to help other posters.