Audacity not picing up sound

This has been sporadic. I first downloaded audacity a few days ago and was able to record sounds. I saved a track. exported it to another form. but now I can’t open the track with audacity and i also cant get it to pick up my sound. I can play guitar through my computer but it is not picking up the sound.

I can’t open the track with audacity

OKKKK, First how are you trying to open the track? Once you export a trtack to a different format you have to then import it back to Audacity.

I can play guitar through my computer but it is not picking up the sound.

OKKKK I ASSUME that you do have Audacity open and are then clicking on the record button. or that you went into EDIT> PREFERENCES> RECORDING> and clicked the Software Playthrough box??? Hope this helps


Audacity will not save a sound file. It saves Projects which are collections of files that make up your show. If you need a stand-alone, “real” sound file, you have to File > Export one.

WAV is a good, high quality format for production and further editing. MP3 is the format for posting and listening on your Personal Music Player. Don’t do production in MP3. MP3 is the last step.

It’s possible to hear your music on your computer by selecting settings that go around Audacity which confuses everything. You should tell audacity to record from your audio-in and play to your audio-out in the device toolbar.

If you do that, you should be able to make a recording of your work, but not hear it until you play it later. Then go into Audacity Preferences and select Recording > [x] Playthrough.

Then you should be able to hear it while you’re playing, although it might be a little delayed. That’s normal.


I got it to work a few times when I first started. I could hear what I was playing as I was recording. The first time it happened, I tested my audio hardware, restarted audacity a few times and it worked again. Since then it hasn’t. I can hear my guitar through my computer but audacity is not monitoring the sound. I am using windows xp with a Dell Pentium 3 Desk Top Tower. My pedal is hooked in through my mic jack.
Thanks for the help. I will look into all that and let ya guys know what happens. I’m a noob at recording so this is gonna take me a while to learn all this.

Okay, got it. Went to my control panel to my audio icon. Checked everything out, went to the “hardware tab” and some how my audio stuff go transferred to my dvd/cd hard ware. It isn’t staying on soundmax, but i clicked it, and now audacity is monitoring my sound and i can hear my guitar. Thanks guys.