Audacity Not Opening In Applications Folder

This affects Audacity releases after 3.0.2.
I am using MacOS Mojave 10.14.6

When I try to run Audacity from the Applications folder on my computer, it will not work. All that appears is a message, which
I have attached. But when I move the Audacity application to any other folder on my Mac - including the desktop - it
works. I have spent an age trying to figure out why this should be happening, without success.
Can anyone help me out with this, please?
Audacity Configuration Error 2021-09-30 22-19-39.jpg

Please confirm that this problem occurs in Audacity 3.0.5, which was released yesterday, and which includes important corrections for macOS.

Hi Jademan,
Thanks for responding.
Yes, the problem I’m encountering exists in Audacity version 3.0.5.
Version 3.0.2 of Audacity behaves as it should, but subsequent releases misbehave in the way I have described (as in
Audacity will not run from the Applications folder on my Mac),