Audacity not connecting to turntable in Windows 8

I just got a machine with Windows 8 and installed the latest version of Audacity 2.0.3. I have an ION TTUSB10 turntable and Bose speakers. Previously I was on Windows XP and had no problem when I connected the turntable via a usb cable – after reading the settings on the forums.

Now I can’t get Audacity to connect with the turntable now (or vice versa). My turntable displays under devices; I made sure to connect the turntable before opening Audacity; I’ve turned on Software Playthrough under Transport; my audio host is MME; my playback is my RealTek high def speakers; the microphone is the USB Audio Codec (turntable). But the turntable and Audacity still aren’t connecting at all. I have 3.0 usb ports. I know the TTUSB10 is an older device, might that be it? I’m not using the red/white line in/out connection, but I did not before. As I understand it those would be with a receiver.

Any ideas?

You seem to have done most things correctly - thanks for describing those.

What happens when you try to record in Audacity from the turntable? Do you see “Error opening sound device”? If so try setting the project rate bottom left to 44100 Hz if it is not already.

If you just record a flat line, have you turned up the Audacity input slider, or right-clicked over the speaker icon by the clock > Recording Devices, right-clicked over the USB Audio Codec > Properties, then on the “Levels” tab, turned up the input level?

Is there a gain knob underneath the turntable that you need to turn up?

Have you tried another USB cable?

You can record using the RCA red/white cables if you have an RCA > TRS 3.5 mm (1/4 inch) adaptor and the computer has a line-in.


Thanks for your quick reply Gale. I, on the other hand, hooked this up and then went out of town.

I rechecked all the settings, re-connected the usb and adjusted the level per your advice. Success! Yahoo.

Can you recommend a good software to get rid of the pops and crackles on old records? I’ve got some Frank Sinatra that needs some cleaning up.

Thanks again.


See these two sections of “Sample Workflow for LP digitization”: .