Audacity not allowing me to rename clips!

Seemingly randomly, Audacity will stop allowing me to rename clips. Sometimes all current clips, sometimes only one specific clip. Nothing I do seems to trigger this - it’s totally random as far as I can see. Regardless of whether it disables renaming for all clips, just a few, or just one, I can copy/paste that clip elsewhere, then either rename the new pasted clip, or copy/paste it back to its original location and rename that.

This is a bit of a pain in the ass, would love it if this could get fixed. Not sure how to replicate it, but I can offer more information if anyone needs.

This is a known and logged bug:
Can’t rename clips #3704

The bug thread gives a workaround:

I think that there is a workaround for this. In the Track behaviors section of preferences, set “use dialog for the name of a new label”.