Audacity noob needs help equalizing? merged audio files

So I want to make an “extended version” of the Death note OP for a fan project but i can’t manage to make it clean the sound quality is very different between the audio files and i can’t normalise it so it sounds the same. I am very new to those whole audio things so if someone could help me figure it out it would be greatly appreciated.

Basically i cut the OP version at 1:11:15s to put the end of the full version of the song but it just doesnt sound clean.

Here are the files i downloaded -full / -from 3m18.3s - 3m45.2s

here’s the result

Thanks for the eventual help friends :slight_smile:

sorry just saw I reversed the downloaded files here’s the right order -full / -from 3m18.3s - 3m45.2s

The main problem with the join is the stereo images don’t match, (not an equalization difference).
The first part has a narrow stereo image, (almost mono), whereas the end has a wider, (normal for pop) image.

A quick fix is to make your entire mix down to mono.
Then make it dual-mono, (duplicate to make two absolutely identical tracks, then join together).
Then apply a pseudo-stereo effect to that dual mono track to add some stereo width, (which now will be constant throughout the duration).

Thanks man i love you :’ you saved me so many hours