Audacity noob- can't adjust input level slider enough

So I’m trying to record my first album and convert it to mp3 but I’m having a lot of trouble getting started.

My turntable is connected to my computer through the audio input and the album is playing and I want to start recording but first I need to “adjust the input level slider on the Mixer Toolbar such that the meters almost reach the right end of the scale” according to the directions, but I can’t get the meter to almost reach the right side of the scale. It jsut hovers around the middle of the scale.

And when I play the album through my computer speakers, it’s very soft and I need to turn the speakers way up to hear the songs faintly. So I feel like when I record the songs, they’re too quiet to be worth recording.

Help please? How can I adjust the meter levels and how can I increase the volume? And are these two problems related? (probably, right?)


Could you post a short clip of a loud part so that we can see how far off you are.
To export a short section, select a few seconds of the recorded track by clicking and dragging your mouse across the waveform, then use “File menu > Export Selection” and export it as a WAV file.
See here for how to attach files to forum posts: