Audacity Noise Removal and Compressor VST!

I’ve found that the Audacity noise removal and compressor effects are priceless for my video editing projects, achieving better quality than any of the many VST plugins I’ve tried with my video editor (Sony Vegas). I was just curious if the good folks involved with Audacity might ever see a need to try turning highly requested Audacity effects into VSTs, so they could be efficiently used in other applications? Just a thought!
Thanks for the quality of Audacity.

Thanks, though most of the Team see improvements that could be made to both.

I doubt that is a good use of our currently limited resources. The developers of other audio programs or plug-ins can study and reuse our code, as long as they make the program or plug-in open source.

Possibly, experimental versions of Noise Removal could be developed as plug-ins to test cutting-edge improvements. However as the main purpose would be for use in Audacity we would probably use LADSPA (VST would exclude most Linux users).


OK, thanks for the reply, I’ll keep that in mind.