Audacity no appears in english in Mageia 7.1

I have install audacity 2.3.1 in Mageia 7.1 from the official repositories. After boot audacity appears in english and I can’t the language to spanish because it not appears in the list of traduction languages.

I have reported this bug in Mageia Bugzilla:

I have tried in others Linux distros and I have the same bug.

The temporal solution is change the audacity configuration file, puting “ES” in language line, but audacity should do this configuration automaticaly by the predefinided system language.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Thanks for the report joselp. I see it is missing on my system too. I’m unsure why this is, so I’ve asked the developers and shall write again when I know more.

That’s a bug. It has now been fixed in the development code, so it will be fixed in Audacity 2.3.3 when it is released.

If you are able to build Audacity from the source code, the fix is here: Fix missing Spanish language choice on Linux... · audacity/audacity@e96c213 · GitHub