Audacity nightly builds.

Dear experts! Will there be alpha versions of Audacity for Windows in the future and where can I download them?

Pre-release builds will be produced as we get closer to releasing Audacity 2.3.3. When they are available, they will be announced at the top of this page:

Thank you! Previously, the release version was barely released, the page with alpha versions was updated next week. And then, 2.3.3 will be released suddenly - the changes will be shocking, all the buttons are in a different place. It is better to get used to them gradually, you can ask a question about the alpha version.

There are no layout changes and no GUI changes in 2.3.3 - our work on 2.3.3 is under-the-hood maintenance work to facilitate future improvements plus some bug-fixing.


Will my idea of ​​improving Fit to heght option include to the new version?