Audacity nex behaviour


I’ve opened audacity today (i’m using it for 1 year).
Today, i can’t open two audacity windows (open 2 times) The first windows toggle fullscreen.

Another issue. i use to export a file in Ulaw wav format. but now i only get a full quality wav file. Impossible to change the wave frequency. I mean i can chose in the export window, but whatever i chose, i’ll get a 44kHz wav.

Can you help ?

You can get another Audacity window if Audacity is already running (with an existing audio file open) and you File → Open a 2nd file.

I don’t know exactly what it’s doing, but I don’t believe two instances of Audacity are running.

Impossible to change the wave frequency.

Change the Project Rate in the lower left before exporting.


Thx , It works. I can have 2 windows that’s ok for me. I just don’t know why, It is no longer possible to open audacity twice to get 2 windows.

It stills only the WAV issue. (That worked before)

If i get a file and export it in wav format, it won’t respect the frequency i chose. I mean the encoding parameter.

Thanks for help

It’s never been possible to open Audacity twice.

It’s always been: launch Audacity and then you open another project - but that remains a single instance of Audacity with two projects open in two different windows.