Audacity newer version

downloaded newer audacity can I get back to 3.2.1?

my microphone and playback are working at the same time so I cant use my headset to record and its not showing Project Rate only Snap to and its not saying Off does not have off to put on it

Please tell me how to get back to 3.2.1 im on windows 11

That’s very easy.
Just download the older version and install it.
All your data and settings will be remained.
So, don’t worry.

Please help! im using copy paste I have it saying copy replace but some of my breaths I wish to take out it says I don’t have enough room, which is not true why isnt it working??? on 3.3.2

Is there a link to 3.2.1? It keeps downloading just 3.3.2

To avoid confusion, please start a new thread for this separate issue.

I just double-checked the link I provided earlier and in fact it does download the 3.2.1 files, if you go to that section.

Before installing and running the 3.2.1 release, be sure to close all prior Audacity windows. Generally, you can only be running one version at a time. It may help to reboot your machine before beginning the installation.

thank you!!! Can you tell me how to fix my recording when my noise floor says its dead silence? you’re very helpful and I appreciate your answers!

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