Audacity n'enregistre pas de HiFi

Bonsoir, bien moi j’ai fait la meme chose mais cela ne marche pas…

de l’aide svp ?


Stereo Mix is for recording audio playing on the computer.

To record from a HiFi system, connect a cable from the HiFi audio out or line-out to the blue line-in port of the computer. Then set Audacity in Device Toolbar to record from line-in: .

If the line-in does not show in Windows, right-click and show disabled and disconnected devices: .

If the computer has a line-in but it still does not appear in Windows “Sound”, update your sound device drivers: .

If the computer does not have a line-in, you cannot record in good quality from your HiFi. Buy a USB interface that has a line-in, connect the HiFi to line-in of the interface, then set Audacity to record from the USB interface. See here: .