Audacity muting recording after 6 seconds or stop [SOLVED]

I’m using Audacity 2.1.1 and use windows 7 home premium.

Any time I try to record audio from either my microphone or from my stereo mix it looks like it’s going fine, blue waveform and the recording meter both working fine, but after 6 seconds all recorded audio becomes a flat waveform. This happens EVERY 6 seconds, and even happens when I press the stop button to finish recording. There is no error message as the program has not crashed, and i can’t find a log of what happened if there is one. This is possibly my first time using audacity since I upgraded to windows 7 back in January when i got my new computer.

Try looking in the Directories Preferences (Edit > Preferences…) at where your Audacity temporary directory is. You need to have permission to write there and the drive must be working correctly. Change the temporary directory to your Desktop or Documents folder if you are not an administrator on your computer.

Also make sure Norton or other clean up tools are not deleting the files in that folder. Saving an Audacity Project to your Desktop before recording might be an easy way to avoid over-enthusiastic cleanup tools.


thank you, since I don’t really want my programs writing to C anyway(small SSD boot drive) I changed the directory even though I do have admin rights, and it seems to have fixed things.