Audacity Music Project Disappeared! (No waveforms)

Hey guys, so I am using Audacity to record music and edit my vocals. I have ran into a very annoying problem that I hope to get resolved. This has happened three times already recently where I save my project but all of a sudden it just shuts down when I am in the middle of mix and rendering my stereo tracks.

When I reopen my project, its says that there is 1300 orphan files (which I have no idea what that means) but I usually press “continue without deleting”. Then I press “recover projects”. However when I performed this, I got a message from the Audacity command stating that it has failed to recover my project. This got me really mad because I spent hours on hours editing my vocals, making it sound perfect, and this happens…

So when I go see my existing track… all I see is blank tracks with NO waveforms what so ever… I still see my separate stereo tracks but nothing inside of them… heartbreaking,

I have to note that one time when this incident happened, my waveform did MAGICALLY reappear after reopening the track several times to see if I get a different result… BUT that time, my audacity didn’t shut down on me randomly, I just woke up one morning wanting to hear my track, and it was blank… all the stereo tracks had no waveforms… my audio disappeared… If ANYBODY can help me this issue, that would be blessed, I’m really trying to recover my track so my hard work doesn’t go to waste!! Thank you.

1300 orphan files (which I have no idea what that means)

Audacity shows are held in little 6-second snippets. If you are missing 1300 of them, that means 130 minutes of show is missing.

If this happens a lot, you should probably find if you’re running out of room on your machine.

Desktop > Go > Computer > Mackintosh HD > File > Get INFO.

A 3 minute stereo WAV sound file is about 32MB for reference. A 1GB hard drive will hold about 30 of those—if there’s noting else on the drive. The machine I’m typing on right now has a 250-GB drive inside. If you’ve been doing production for quite a while, you may be running out of room.

Alternately. Are you using iCloud of other on-line storage? Are you using wireless storage at home? Audacity doesn’t do wireless of any kind or network storage very well.