Audacity mp3 file not working in Google Chrome

I am new to Audacity.
I have downloaded Audacity 2.0.2 and I have created an mp3 file.
It works in IE, a different code works in FF, but no code works in Google Chrome.
Here is the reason why I think it’s the mp3’s fault.
I found the following code on w3schools:

which works in Google Chrome.
They have a Try-It editor, where you can make changes and see what happens.
When I changed horse.mp3 with the address of my mp3 file it did not work.
If I add this to the code on w3schools:

I can link to my file in IE and I can listen to it,
the w3school code (horse.mp3) works in Google Chrome - so the code is correct,
my link works in IE so the address of the file is correct,
so I think the problem is with the audacity mp3 in Google Chrome.
Can somebody please help me solve this problem?

I suspect the first code couldn’t figure out the OGG, not the MP3.

Do all the browsers you’re writing for open the MP3 cold – File > Open – without the embedding and html code?

Describe the MP3 show. Five second mono voice test? I know you can make MP3 with two different tag types, one not as talented but universal, and the other much more talented, but not everybody supports it

I really wanted you to say, “I have a second, non-Audacity MP3 and that plays fine.”


The most recent release of Google Chrome broke audio playback for many sites. The developers at Google are aware of this but it’s been a number of weeks now without a fix showing up. This might be the same problem. I do not know if there are any current Tag editors which support that tag, but if so, it might be worth trying to add the tag outside of Audacity just as a test.

I just googled “tag editor support audio element” and find that this is a recent addition to HTML5 and only some browsers support it. I do not see any of the audio tag editor’s listings support for this tag given a cursory inspection.

Thank you for your answer, well I hadn’t tried out a second mp3 file on my site, but like I said the audio file (horse.mp3) on in Google Chrome works but this one doesn’t.
I tried everything you said:
I remembered I have another mp3 on another page and I saw it has this code:
I embedded it and it works just fine on this new page. I change the mp3 to the current one - stops working.
I open the file in the browser like you said, didn’t know I could…number1 works, number2…nope.
The current mp3 is a six minute mono recording of my voice. It was created in Audacity 1.2.6. When I saw it wasn’t working I looked around a little and saw that Audacity has released 2.0.2 and I installed that. Then I reopened the file and resaved it. This resaved file is the one I am talking about.
So that’s the whole story.

“horse,ogg” is not an mp3 file :confused: