Audacity mixing of Songs & Amplifcation

I need some assistance I have two wedding songs picked for my wedding and they are different styles of music. Does anyone know of any feature in Audacity that I can use that will mix the end of one song into the start of the other one. I am looking for a simple fade in fade out I am looking for more of a DJ type thing that may blend the end of one song into the start of the other.

Is this possible and how can i do it

Also in Audacity how can I amplify over the recommended settings

Record the two songs as two separate tracks in a single Audacity Project. Use the Time-Shift tool to move the second track so that it starts before the end of the first track (the amount of overlap is up to you). Then select the first track and Fade Out over the overlap period. Select the second rack and Fade In over the overlap. Test the result - and if ok the Export the project.

If by Amplify over the recommended settings you mean amplify above the calculated maximimum that Audacity recommends - then you will need to check the tick box that says Allow Clipping. But be aware that if you do so then you will get clipping (essentially an oversaturated signal) and that it can sound horrible.