Audacity MetaData

Does Audacity store MetaData in a way that is accessible, such as in a separate file?

I ask because I have a large number (~80) of Audacity files that I would like to edit MetaData in. I’ve seen other posts asking about automating MetaData entry in chains, but that’s not really what I have in mind (and it didn’t seem do-able anyway). What I have in mind is this: if Audacity stored its Metadata in a file located at a certain place, I could write code to change that file. By iterating through all my files I could then quickly edit all the MetaData. Otherwise, it seems I’m stuck with opening all 80 files individually and using the MetaData Editor manually.


If you save an Audacity project, the metadata for the last imported file is stored in the AUP file.

If you do not save a project then the metadata for the last imported file is just temporary data.

I suggest you use a proper tag editor which will be able to batch edit tags. If the files are lossy like MP3, you definitely want to do that, because Audacity will have to re-encode the file and that will degrade it.

You could look into or or do your own search.