Audacity messed up my system audio

Since installing Audacity 2.0 on my Mac, I cannot hear anything but the faintest audio when my speakers are balanced dead center. In order to hear audio out of any program, I have to slide the balance to the left or right. It’s very odd. Has anyone else experienced this glitch?

What kind of Mac? Does it happen on earbuds connected to the Mac? Do you use SoundFlower to record internet audio? Do you have Skype?

Download and play this short 38 second clip. Play it first with Audacity closed. Browser player or QuickTime Player.

It’s a sound test tool. It’s in four segments. Left, Right, Mono, and Phase Reversed. You should be able to hear all four, but the last one should sound a little funny. Let us know if one of the segments drops out or greatly changes volume.