Audacity & Mavericks

Does Audacity work with Mavericks?
I currently have a Mac Book Pro, running Apple OS 10.7.5 and my Audacity 2.0.5 works great! I use a sennheiser 416 and an M-audio Mini into my USB port. I record sound files and convert them to mp3’s and send them out. Perfect! Good bye Pro Tools and their $$$$$$ upgrades.
Now, I want to upgrade to Mavericks, but am concerned that Audacity might not work as well with it.
Do you have experience with this?
Anyone running it successfully?
Any tips or troubleshooting ideas?
Ideally I’d like to upgrade to Mavericks and have Audacity work right off the bat…
Thanks in advance,

If you look at you will see that Audacity supports OS X “10.4 and later”, so yes it supports Mavericks.

Mac Book Pro and Audacity had some issues with playback on Mavericks at first, but later versions of Mavericks have improved that situation. I suggest you search the Forum if you experience a specific issue, for example you may need to adjust “Audio to buffer” in the Audacity Recording Preferences (that setting affects playback too).

If you are thinking of waiting for Yosemite, the next (2.0.6) version of Audacity will not officially support it. Apple Audio Unit effects are not expected to work in Audacity on Yosemite.

If you have more questions, please say exactly what you are recording and how.


Thanks for your reply, Gale.
I am a voice actor. I record voice and send to clients.
Being a bear of little technical brains, I want to upgrade to mavericks and have it work well with Audacity, first time, every time.
When you say “adjust audio to buffer”, I have no idea what that means…but as long as the recording and converting of the files work well…I can try to deal with any playback idiosyncrasies.
I was hoping to hear from a few people how their experiences were when they changed to mavericks.

See .

It means that if you get playback stutters, adjust the “Audio to buffer” value up or down to see if playback improves.

I think recording should be OK, but if you are recording using an external interface you may need to open /Applications/Audio MIDI Setup and make recording channels and sample rate the same as as the recording channels and project rate in Audacity.

MP3 export should be fine.

I have a Mavericks machine updated from Mountain Lion, but you should understand that only a few people regularly read the Forum every day apart from the “staff” (people with red or green names).

So if you want to read experiences of Audacity users with Mavericks, use the Search box top right of the Forum.