Audacity Makes Noises While Recording.

Hi, I’ve Got a Pretty Embarrassing Problem with Audacity,

While I’m Recording With my “Micro Boss-BR80”, Audacity Makes a lot of Noises that don’t come from my Guitar and neither from my Recorder for the simple reason i can Record a part without these noises with other software like FL Studio & the Default Windows 7 Microphone. But I Still Prefer Audacity for the .Flac Format export and the Fact that it’s Really Easy To Use, so i’m looking for a solution.

The Noises are Like Little Cracking from a Dirty Record Player, here’s an Example (In .ogg):

Thanks and see you.

The “Micro Boss-BR80” is a standalone digital recorder?
How are you transferring the recording from the BR80 to Audacity?

Yes, It’s a Stand Alone Recorder:

I’m Transferring the Recording With a USB Cable directly into Audacity. (“Input: In (Br80)”)

I’m not sure what you mean. Do you mean that you are “importing” the files from the BR80 into Audacity? If so, then how exactly are you doing that?