audacity-macos-3.0.0-dmg Virustotal warning

After audacity-macos-3.0.0.dmg download I check this file with Virustotal
MaxSecure tells Trojan.Malware.121218.susgen
SHA 256 Checksum is ident


Thanks for the report.
I have notified maxsecureantivirus of this false positive.

Hi Steve

Just checked and the dmg is still alerting by MaxSecure.

Can you tell us what is causing the alert?



What can I tell you?
57 anti-virus checkers, including all of the big names say that it’s safe. They are right.

One that I’ve never heard of disagrees. Max Secure has had their own problems with false positives in the past: spybot sd - Is Max Secure software malware? - Super User

Thanks! :exclamation:

Interesting - this is the VirusTotal result for the Max Secure website: VirusTotal

2 security vendors flagged this URL as malicious

Typical scam AV vendor. They try to sell a subscription, adding a “no questions asked” refund if you don’t like it. Of course, no refunds, even if you insist.

I’ve notified VT.

I get the warning about a Trojan for the latest Audacity download

sha 256 checksum matches

It’s back down to just one warning. Note that the warning comes from a little known anti-virus that has their own problems (their website URL on VirusTotal).
I think it’s safe to say that MaxSecure is still throwing a false positive (which was reported to them in March last year!)