audacity lowers volume after a while

Hello guys,

I have a conexant sound driver and not a realtek to start off.

Almost a year ago i recored 1 mixtape with audacity(i used Dj intro)worked quality good etc etc( not to advertise but to let you guys hear what it sounded like). but now
a few hours ago i wanted to recored a mixtape(yes it haz been a while) but it all sounded so bad…

Well the problem well i actualy need to say problems sadly :frowning:
1: While recording(at 44100hz) after 5-45 sec the sound thatsgetting recored is getting decreased a lot. Like say AAA and then put you hand before you mouth thats how the sound is getting reduced :
What i tried: installing realtek didt work(and it wont work its like installing it on amd software(realtek this case) on Nvidia hardware(conexant this case)). Why i wanted it in the first place? its becouse i wanted the option “equalizer” at mine sounds tab to disable something i readed somewhere else.
2: Again while recording it just sounds sorry that i say it like this but it sounds crap… it sounds soo much diffrent while listing it directly through mine speakers. I know those blue bar could be the case but it isnt… its so small…
What i tried: change Hz, import sound and changing the bass… but it all didt work

Sorry for mine english :frowning: kinda suck at it…

king regards, branchy…

Please read the pink panel at the top of this page and give us the necessary information.

We can’t see your computer so please let us ask some questions.

Are you using What hardware are you using with it? Are you connecting that hardware to the blue line-in input on your computer? If you only have a mic input, connecting to that may give bad results where the EQ sounds wrong, or you have distortion, or you only record mono.

If you are connecting to the mic input, the fading may be due to Windows enhancements meant for recording speech, or due to sound effects on the sound card. Please see this page for how to turn enhancements off.

If you only have a mic input but can hear the mix correctly on the computer, you can instead record playback of the mix by recording with stereo mix or Windows WASAPI (loopback). Windows WASAPI only works on Windows Vista or later. See this tutorial: Recording Computer Playback on Windows.

If you record using stereo mix, the built-in sound card must be working correctly and must have correct audio drivers a) made by the computer manufacturer and b) intended for your specific computer model. You would get such drivers from the web site of your computer manufacturer. Drivers from the Realtek web site are only generic drivers, not properly matched to your motherboard. You should uninstall any Realtek drivers you installed then install the correct drivers from your computer manufacturer.

If you need help with drivers for your built-in sound card, please tell us the make and model number of the computer.


Thnx for you response :slight_smile:

Sorry i didt saw that pink panel at the top. Here is the info:
Windows version: Windows 7 pro, Version 6.1 (Build 7601: service pack 1).
Audacity version: 2.0.5(Last time with this version everything worked just fine)

Yes i am using (version: 1.2.1).

As hardware i use,
Numark mixtrack pro II, with a headset(hd205) connected on the dj plate itself… About the blue line its a no… the dj plate is getting his power from the pc(through usb). I got a Red/White(connected in the numark…) cable are converted into 1 black output plugin(audio). This black output is going into the boxes that are connected into mine pc.

YAY i fixed it while i was reading you message i readed that recording through the mic input is bad… So i just tried it a sec ago in the “Blue input” and it works perfect(for now :smiley:).

Oh and while i am here, Whats the best HZ to record the sound for a awesome high quality mix?


Kind regards, branchy!

I am glad it is better now. If you have a blue input on the computer, always use that for recording strong signals that are already amplified, like from a mixer. The mic input on computers that also have a blue input is suitable only for low powered computer microphones.

The current Audacity version is 2.1.0 and we hope to release 2.1.1 soon. Please consider upgrading your Audacity version by going to

44100 Hz (the default, bottom left of Audacity) is high enough to capture all the frequencies that humans can hear. It is the same quality as audio CD.

There is little or no benefit in using higher rates. Higher rates can actually be bad because they may make the computer work so hard that it cannot keep up, causing dropouts in the recording. And some playback equipment cannot cope with extreme rates like 192000 Hz.

If you want to read more about this, see


As again ty for those response! :slight_smile:

The mic input on computers that also have a blue input is suitable only for low powered computer microphones.

Hehehe i always wonderd what that blue-input was for! Ty :slight_smile:

Please consider upgrading your Audacity version

Yup i will upgrade to Aduacity 2.1.0

I recorded today a mixtape(if you wanna give it a try #3 mixtape EDM, Note: its taken down but hopefully not for long) on 48000hz and the replay sounds good! But if 441000hz is also good enhoug i will do that… :slight_smile:
Ow before i forget while is was recording it all sounded good until 1 track(coldplay paradise fedde le grand remix)it sound pretty crappy while i had treble/mid/bass(those knobs on the dj plate) over 30%~ so i needed to keep it below it. For only that track all other tracks i could spin the knobs to 100%. Good part on the replay you dont even notice sounds diffrence so its not huge problem but pretty irritating while mixing…
Note: i just played the track(coldplay paradise fedde le grand remix) while recording and it just seemed fine maby it was a bug?

Anyways, i all the problems are solved(for now :stuck_out_tongue:) and lets hope other people who have this problem can fix it with a simple, blue-input.

Ty a lot for you time again and have a nice day!!!

kind regards, branchy! :slight_smile: