Audacity losing connection with my soundcard after applying effects

Hello, again! Chris, here.

Since updating to the latest version of Audacity, I have been running into a big problem that is driving me nuts…

Whenever I apply an effect to a track (such as normalizing, or pitch/tempo shifting, or the limiter), after processing is done Audacity stops to output audio to my soundcard, although the meters continue to work and thus indicating that playback is on.

I have in my machine windows 10, 64-bit version, running the latest Audacity version in 64-bit as well, and my output is routed to my Behringer UCA222 (I use headphones).

Important to note that as a test, at the moment Audacity starts to show this problem, I do a simple test and open a VLC player to play a track and it works flawlessly and delivers audio without any glitches, which indicates to me that the problem is within Audacity.

Whenever this problem happens, I’m forced to save the project, close it down and reopen it to keep on working where I’ve stopped. Upon reopening the project, Audacity works flawlessly again and outputs audio like a charm, until I have to process another effect to the projetc, that is, and the problem happens again.

This problem also happens when the project stays opened for a bit without any actions (no playback, no cursor moving, no nothing), like if I get up to go make some coffee and return to the project afterwards without saving and closing it, for instance.

Any help would be appreciated, please.

Many thanks in advance!



Anyone able to help, please?

Where is the show? Is it on the local C: drive?

Is it on the F: drive? The F: drive is likely to be an internet connected drive such as Google Drive. Audacity doesn’t like those and may be unstable.

Do all your work on the local C: drive


Yes, exactly. The audacity 3.4.2 program is installed in my C drive, inside ‘Program Files(x86)’, as it’s always been since day one.

This problem has never ever happened before. This type of malfunction started since the last update (version 3.4.2).

As soon as I apply any type of effect to a track, or leave the program opened for a few minutes without playback on, I am left with a muted audio with the meters working perfectly, which leads me to believe the problem is within Audacity losing connection (or something similar) with my Behringer UCA soundcard.

I don’t record music directly in Audacity.

I use Audacity to ‘write’ music, using loops and audio samples. Appart from that, I do my DJ sets for radio shows and podcasts in Audacity.

The audio quality that I employ is always 48Hz/32-Bit since using Audacity from day one.
Never ever ran into the type of problem I’m currently running into.

As for buffering, as I’ve said above, I don’t record music in Audacity, hence I’m failing to see how the buffering size would affect or cause the sudden lack of audio output after applying effects that I’m currently experiencing.

Could you please explain a bit more in depth?

Thank you in advance!

Hi, Alex! Thank you for the input!

All set up correctly.

Like I said, this is a first time troubleshooting experience for me in Audacity, as far as sound output goes.

My setup preferences are exatly the same since 2014 when I’ve first started using Audacity. Never ever faced such a problem like this one reported in the post header.

And it has started since the latest update - version 3.4.2 …

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