Audacity Look and Feel : Yet another thread !

I am using Audacity quite some time.
But every time I open the software, I wonder if the interface had been updated like any commercial product it might have been even more appealing and popular (at least among some users) !
Then I found the new 1.3.x version has implemented very easy Themablity. I gave it a try for creating a theme which I think would give more ‘professional look’.
But soon figured out that, the functionality of the current Themeability is quite limited, only the Control toolbar icons and the Wavetracks could be modified .

While doing the customization, the first thing that I would like to change is the color of the overall background, but I could not do it by trying the colors of the ImageCache.png.
It seems that now it’s lined to the OS.

I would like to know how is it possible to change the colors of background? is it possible?
how to change the other icons too?

**btw, I don’t mean that the current Audacity look and feel is bad. It’s simple and get’s the job done easily, and in my opinion has a neutral look and feel .
But I think it could be updated to give more contemporary look.