Audacity long to start

Hello, I am using Audacity since a long time and found it beautiful. Many thanks for that.

I have installed Audacity on a Dell Laptop computer unter Win 10 and Aucacity takes about 30s to start, with or without an audio file. Once started, new audio files are loaded quickly. All auther software start well on this computer.
I have tested with V2.x and now with V2.3.0.
I have also tested to deactivate the anti-virus, without any effect!

Any idea will be welcome.

I expect that the reason there has been no reply until now is because no-one else has this problem. Are you still seeing this problem?

Startup of Audacity on my fast SSD “disk” laptop takes around 7 seconds and occasionally up to 10 seconds. I don’t regard that as intolerable.
Used to be longer when I had a slower spinning metal disk laptop.

Reaper (another audio editor) takes a similar amount of time - my Suunto Dive Manager software takes 10 seconds or more.

My Adobe Photoshop also takes a minimum of 10 seconds.

iTunes takes in excess of 15 seconds to launch.

And while Nero puts up its splash screen quite quickly, launching any of its submodules takes ages.