Audacity locked up

I had moved my laptop to another part of my house to use for just checking my email etc. and when I put it back into my recording area Audacity was locked up. I use a Toshiba Laptop and Windows 7 HP 32 bit OS. I have Audacity 2.0.3.

I did have a couple of test Audacity files on the taskbar and I clicked on one and it did open up but the whole text box went grey (could still see the words etc though) I was not able to delete, or even move the box and when I tried to open audacity from the icon it told me Audacity was already running and it may cause the system to crash.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated as I need to get back to recording.

Thank you- Christine :cry:

The current Audacity version is 2.0.5: .

If Audacity is frozen you can CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to open Windows Task Manger, click the “Processes” tab, right-click over “audacity.exe” and choose “End Process Tree”.

When you restart Audacity, Audacity should offer to recover any projects you had open which had unsaved changes.