Audacity loading plug-ins from my other recorder at opening

:arrow_right: windows XP

About three days ago I finally downloaded Cakewalk Music Creator 5 LE with the disc that came with the usb mic I purchased last year, to see what this software is like. Well so far Audacity is better :exclamation: – the mic, that came with this software has a DC offset and this base Cakewalk version does not have DC offset correction! Among many other short comings!! Which at this point has kept me from experimenting with it further and I may delete it but before I downloaded Cakewalk I deleted Audacity and then about a day after being disappointed with Cakewalk I downloaded Audacity anew. Now I noticed when I open Audacity it flashes some info by about “Cakewalk…vst…plugins…” just before it opens – but it seems to be working okay. Is this normal? …since I have two sound recorders on my computer at the same time, “Audacity 2.0.1” and “Cakewalk Music Creator 5 LE”.

What does the Cakewalk VST message say? If it is a nag to license their product you will have to put up with it if you want to use those VST’s in Audacity, because unfortunately Audacity loads VST effect plug-ins on launch, not when or if you use them.


Before Audacity opens a seperate window opens with a header that reads: “Scanning VST Plugins
and a body that reads: “Checking C:Program FilesCakewalkVstPluginsCakewalk Sound CenterCakewalkSoundCenter.dll

OK, then that is Audacity scanning the Cakewalk .dll and if that .dll is an effect plug-in, you “should” only see the scanning the first time you use Audacity.

If you add more VST plug-ins later, choose the option in Effects Preferences to “Rescan VST effects” and restart Audacity. See Audacity Manual for more information.