Audacity latest version compatibility with Windows 10

Is anyone else having issues utilizing Audacity with the Windows 10 os? My cursor is locked up 80% of the time, and I’ve had project crashes as well.
Is there any timeline for a new version fully compatible in the near future?

There are apparently a number of fixes projected for Audacity 2.1.3. And not only in Audacity. Some of the pre-built packages and modules Audacity uses turn out to have unfortunate “features” in both Win10 and Mac El Capitan.

Have you tried to fold back to an Earlier Audacity? That’s not a dreadful idea if you’re having production problems.

I will say, though, that cursor jamming and constant crashing may not be an Audacity problem. Quite a few people run Audacity on Win10 with no serious problems.

What else is your machine doing? Restart and don’t let anything else start. No Skype lurking in the background or Browser and Email hovering close at hand. Still constant crashing?

Did you get your Audacity from us?


You can install Audacity and make it “start over.” There’s a point in the Windows installer when you get to choose to “reset preferences and settings.” You might try re-installing and do that.


If Reset Preferences does not help, which cursor is locking up - do you mean recording or playback? If so that could be a problem with not having fully appropriate Windows 10 drivers for your sound device. See this link for help:

If it is the same project crashing, there is a good way to fix it. Export each track as a WAV file, then import the WAV files into a new empty project and save that as a new name.

If Audacity crashes generally, especially if nothing to do with playback or recording, please send us the ZIP file Debug Report if Audacity offers that. See