Audacity Latency Error

we are getting an error. We record a single stereo track. Then we open another stereo track and attempt to record results in a error. The error is “Latency Correction has caused the recorded audio to be hidden before Zero”. We have gone through two different machines trying to compare setting. One Machine with a M-Audio mike and Regency speakers seems to work fine. The other uses a more complex studio environment with multiple mics muxed through an input. Its the one having the issues. Any Suggestions ?

We updated the windows driver for the studio audiobox equipment. It did make a difference. We can not actually get up to 4 stereo tracks going but the fifth freezes the program. Its not a computer resource issue! I suspect since we are in a bind to get this next CD to the publishers before contest deadlines that we’ll probably remove the new version and regress to 2.1.3 that version had worked for us very well in the past. My concern is that if this is a Win10 driver issue that the recent Win10 update may be issue?

I’m using a different USB device but sounds like the same issue where I can record the first track fine, but then the second track does nothing and stopping the recording gives the latency error. Make sure the USB playback device is set to 44100Hz (matched to Audacity’s recording rate which is typically default to 44100Hz). My USB playback device was defaulting to 48000Hz.

Here’s some instructions