Audacity Keeps Muting Randomly

When I’m recording, randomly, Audacity decides to mute the recording, like it hit the sound peak, even though its at random places. I’m trying to record a soundtrack for a video game that I’m making, but, it just keeps muting. It keeps recording, but, no sound is recorded. I’m using 3.2.5, and it is just stopping. It’s also not letting me turn down the recording level, no matter what mic I’m using. I need to have this fixed, because it is getting in my way of, well, doing anything. I’ve tried recording of different devices, too, and then using a somewhat sketchy way of converting it, and, it does the same thing.

Audacity will not change the volume of sound that arrives digitally. These are USB microphones, right? Do they have volume controls on them?

Analog microphones plugged into the computer can be changed with the computer’s internal volume controls.

The bouncing sound meter stops and no blue waves are recorded on the timeline, but the recording keeps going and the times at the bottom of the screen keep advancing?

I know people hate it when we do this, but shut down the machine. Back up all your valuable work. Make sure nothing will get damaged, and Clean Shutdown the machine. Shift+Shutdown > OK > Wait > Start. Not Restart, not Sleep, not Snooze and not standard Shutdown.

You’re obviously looking for the problem to go away, but note if anything changes including getting worse.


The problem is the computer I’m using is my family’s, and I don’t have the password. And, as I said, it doesn’t matter what device I use, and, the mic I have doesn’t have a way of turning it down on it, so, I think it’s just straight up broken. I’m also using Windows 11, which might give some more problem.

So we’re stuck. This is not a “normal” problem where we can tell you to “push this button” and the problem will vanish. It’s a weird enough problem that there might actually be something broken.


Well, should I try reinstalling Audacity, cause’ thats bout’ th’ only option. I know that it must kinda hurt to hear this question, but, jut in case NOTHING works, what other RECORDING programs do you know of. I say recording, because Audacity still works fine elsewise, but the recording parts are just awful. It is possible, however, that, because I was using it on an old Windows 8.1, before it didnt want to turn back on, that the fact that I’m using the same exact files, it could be messing with Audacity. I probably will reinstall it, and probably putting it in a better place than on an already nearing eight year old external hard drive.

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