Audacity keeps crashing when changing pitch on single layer

Every time I change the pitch on a recording I have made its crashes and when I reopen Audacity it lets me recover the file but always exits the application when trying to change the pitch again. It may also be changing speed and tempo as well but mainly just pitch. And its weird because I can put reverb, amplify, bass and treble, distortion, fade in/out, etc. and nothing happens?
Gladly I can recover the file I had made but its just getting to be a nuisance.
Thanks for any help or fix!

Which version of Audacity?
How exactly are you changing the pitch?

version 3.0.2
I’m trying to pitch it up by 2.00, or down by -2.00 on the Semitones (half-steps). I mostly keep in between 1.00 and 2.50, or -1.00 and -2.50 I’ve never really gone farther than that

How exactly?
If you’re changing the pitch with an effect, what effect are you using and what settings?

What exactly do I need to do to reproduce the problem?

My apologies, I think I figured out the problem… I had some of my audio split up into sections and I should’ve added the effect to them individually!
I appreciate your help. :laughing:

I don’t think that should cause a problem, so I’m still interested to know exactly what you are doing in case you have discovered a bug that needs fixing.

I have exactly this problem. I am trying to follow a YouTube Tutorial. So I have 3 Stereo Tracks. I select one of the stereo tracks in it’s entirety, I go to effects, “Change Pitch without changing tempo” put it at 2 Halftones and it just crashes the moment I click okay. I can however preview the sound.