Audacity keeps crashing on startup

I am running Windows 8, Audacity Version 2.03 the latest one and it keeps crashing can anyone help. I have deleted and reinstalled plenty times it does nothing. It just says program experienced problems and stops working.

Help please

History might be good. Is this computer an upgrade from Win7? Did you have an earlier version of Audacity on it? Did you take the plastic wrap from the computer about an hour ago?


If this is a specific project that is crashing, try File > Export…, choose WAV, restart Audacity then import the WAV and save it as a new project name.

If there are multiple tracks and you need them kept separate, select each track in turn by clicking above its Mute / Solo buttons, File > Export Selection… then import the WAV files into a freshly launched Audacity and save those as a new project.