Audacity keeps crashing, cannot make backup save of project PLEASE HELP!

For some reason, my project keeps crashing for an unknown reason. I keep getting the error when I try to save as a backup “Perhaps C is not writable or is full” which is ridiculous because the drives have a huge amount of space. This just started an hour ago after posting this. This is the first time a project refuses to function by doing saves. Please don’t ignore this post as this project is extremely important, and I need to move all its contents to a new project file so the crashing stops.

does it work if you copy the .aup3 into a different folder?

I tried this and it still has the same result. From what I found, apparently, it’s some of the audio files causing the software to crash, which shouldn’t happen since the files are in the same place they have been since I first made the project.

Does uninstalling, deleting the Audacity preferences folder (%appdata%\audacity) and then installing a fresh copy of Audacity help?

It crashed again…

What OS and Audacity version are you using?

I am using Windows 10, cannot update to 11, I am using the newest version of Audacity, originally I was using a slightly outdated version. I sadly made the choice to start over again. I am able to open the project and view how the tracks were set, I just cannot play anything inside. I am still confused about what caused this problem. I would like to find a solution so this won’t happen to other audio editors.

Can you copypaste the contents of the old project into a new project and play that?

I get the same error that the drives are full or not writable.

Very strange. I’ll send you a DM so you can send me the project, I’d like to take a look at it.

How much space? Numbers are good. We can’t troubleshoot opinions.

Maybe an hour before posting this?

Did you use punctuation marks in the filename? Slashmarks in particular are not welcome in filenames. They might tell the system you want to use a non-existent folder.

Describe the show. For example, there is a sister forum post where it turns out the poster is editing an entire audiobook word by word. That’s pretty much guaranteed to cause problems.


Missed one. Drives plural? Where are these drives? Are you trying to use cloud drives by any chance?


Do not use an external drive