Audacity keeps changing sample rate

I’m using Windows 10 and I’ve recently developed an issue with Audacity 3.1.3 where every time I attempt to record audio through my M-Audio M-Track Solo, the speaker sample rate will change to 48khz despite having both the project rate and default sample rate at 44.1khz. I’m unsure of how this issue came about but it persists even after I have changed the speaker’s sample rate back to 44.1khz. Because of this, I can’t record over another track that I recorded just before at 44.1khz, Audacity refuses to record. I’ve tried multiple different solutions on this board but it seems that my issue is more unique as I couldn’t find any posts with a similar issue.

Any help is appreciated, I’m at a loss.

Which speaker?

Also, try running “mmsys.cpl” from Windows Search (the magnifying glass on the task bar). On each of the Playback AND Recording tabs, select your device, then Properties, then Advanced, then check the Default Rate.

Also, do you have the latest drivers installed for your M-Audio M-Track Solo ?