Audacity Keeps Altering My Pitch

Right, so I have been using Audacity 2.x to record on Windows 7 64 bit on an HP ENVY 15 for a while now just using the computers built in microphones. This was just to record simple ideas of songs. Recently I have acquired and Alesis iO2 recording interface which lets me plug a microphone and guitar into a mixer that then runs into the computer. However, when I record using the interface it drops the pitch of my vocals and guitar and any other instrument by a half step to a step. This makes my voice and guitar sound quite awful. I run the device at 24 bit 44100 hz and all the recommended other settings. Is this something I can fix through Audacity and how do I remedy it?

These issues are almost always to do with matching the sample rate in all possible places. See here ( “to fix speed drift, pitch and quality problems” ) .