Audacity Just Stops Recording...?

So Audacity has been doing this to me for quite a long time and I always just figured it was outdated and would update to the latest version. Problem solved. Or so I thought. Recently, Audacity seems to just interrupt all my recordings after a certain amount of time. I record gameplay that covers the entirety of the screen so when I finish, I will exit out of the program and discover that Audacity has just stopped after a minute or two. I signed up to these forums in hopes that I could find a permanent solution to this, once and for all.

I am using Windows 8.1 and Audacity Version 2.1.2.

No, sound activated recording is not checked. Yes, I do have enough hard drive space to record for at least another 16 hours. I’m even going to attach a picture to this post to show you guys what it looks like when it happens, as well as any additional details you may need.

My apologies in advance if this has been covered to death already and I have just missed out on it. Any other information that is needed, I will be happy to provide. All help is appreciated.

I think we’re still recommending FRAPS for game play recording.

Audacity does not play well with others. It becomes unstable or unworkable famously with game play and Skype. There are lucky digital celebrities who do manage to make it work, but their experiences don’t transfer well to anybody else.


Hey Koz, thanks for the swift reply. I figured that this might be the issue but I didn’t want to listen to my instincts because if others can make it work, then I must be the one doing something wrong.

However, since Audacity doesn’t get along with other programs and I want something that will not only record my voice separately but also allow me to remove noise, apply compression and other effects, are there any trusted programs which you would recommend? All I ask for is something easy to use and capable of running alongside other programs.

You can always use Audacity in post production processing.

It’s FRAPS for gameplay and Pamela for Skype. Both of those applications “know” about the other audio application and work well together. A note that Win10 occasionally throws Pamela for a loop, but for the most part, it’s OK.


Once again, FRAPS does not (officially) support beyond Windows 7. TopHatDark is on Windows 8.


If you are recording gameplay rather than commentary, I am not sure why you are choosing microphone to record from. You could try OBS - see


While post-commentary is an option, I prefer live commentary as it captures the reactions and moments much better. For example, with horror games. Much more entertaining to see someone lose their cool then to hear them say “This was a super scary part for me” later on.

As per your other suggestion, I used FRAPS before to record gameplay. It was with Dead Space and the same thing happened with Audacity. It picked the finale to just stop recording. That was probably my worst experience.

Sorry, I meant Let’s Plays. They feature gameplay of course but they’re not like walkthroughs where there is no commentary. And the reason I choose to record my voice separately from the gameplay is so that I can clean it up in post-editing (removing background noise).

OBS is good for streaming but I am not certain whether it can output separate audio files for my microphone.

it can output separate audio files for my microphone.


So you really want two recorders. Ideally, a full-on video recorder with game sound and a stand-alone recorder for your voice.

Use a stand-alone recorder for your voice.

Your computer would have three different sound production programs running at the same time. Chance of that working well with Audacity is almost zero.