Audacity just crashes when adding an effect

Audacity 2.3.2
Windows 10 x64
2TB SSD 500GB Free

So I just recorded a sound clip thats roughly 1 hour long
and everytime I try to add noise reduction to it by first sampling the noise profile of the first 6 seconds of the video which is just quiet because I want to get the background noise, and then actually using that noise profile to do the noise reduction, it crashes about 4 - 5 seconds in without any warnings or anything.

The happens with the compressor and the EQ as well.
Why is that?

I meant audio clip not video

If they are VST plugin* effects, some will crash Audacity.
( * rather than Audacity’s native built-in effects).

They should be the normal ones, those are the ones I’ve always used, I don’t ever recall installing anything called VST plugins

You can try the Burn It Off and Hose It Down method. Disconnect the network or shut down WiFi, or both. Do you have any BlueTooth equipment? Can you shut that down?

Clean Shutdown the machine. Shift-Shutdown. Not Shutdown or Restart. Wait for it to complete scrubbing all the trash, wait a bit more and then Start. Do Not let anything else start. You may get complaints about the network being missing, but that’s OK unless it prevents the machine from starting.

When it settles down, start Audacity and see if anything changed. I know you’re working toward everything being perfect, but it’s really good to know about any change, good or bad.


If the machine won’t come up without the network, then you may have your answer. It’s doing some network tasks while you’'re working and that may be getting in the way of production. We are also warned against trying to use cloud drives for live sound production. Super bad idea.