[Audacity] Issues with long recordings (1-2 hours)

Almost like you’re running out of drive space…

How large is your internal drive, how much free space do you have, are you using it for production as you should, and when was the last time you manually defragged it? If it’s a spinning metal hard drive it’s good to keep it roomy and in good order. Audio (and video) production demands high speed data transfer and it doesn’t work if your drive has to start searching through little nooks and crannies to store stuff.


Win7 and up try to defragment automatically by themselves, but they’re not always efficient and an occasional manual pass is good.

As it says in the text, SSDs are very much faster than spinning metal and tend not to need as much hand-holding, but SSDs do internal element shifting for good health and it’s super important not to fill one up.

Also, because the elves pay attention to seemingly irrelevant details, your bio says Win8, but your posting says Win7…??