Audacity is unusable under RTL locale Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi

Hey there Audacity folks,

Audacity under RTL locales (Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi) is unusable. see here:

Trying to change the language of the interface locally (within Audacity itself) to English doesn’t help at all - even after a reboot. Only after changing the locale of the entire OS to English helps (and even that doesn’t always work…)

Notice there are no buttons at the top and that the times appear overlapping the buttons on the bottom. Although it isn’t seen in the image - the menus are fully translated to Hebrew.

Please take a moment to revise the RTL interface of Audacity. This bug has been bothering RTL users for quite some time.


Uri Shabtay

Thanks, we know and discussed it recently at .

We don’t have any solutions if you run a RTL system language.

One of the Audacity developers has become interested in this issue recently and might possibly look into it.