Audacity is scrambling my audio files

Maybe I’m asking too much of it?
I have four and five-hour-long playlists.
I create labeled tracks by highlighting the track and then Ctl b to create the label.
I do this for each discrete track.
I’ve even added silence in between the tracks
I CAN create a very large file using FLAC. There are no issues detected with the one large file apoproach
But no matter what when I export multiple, to break the one long recording into individual recordings with their own label names The software scrambles them wildly.
There will be duplicate soundtracks with the wrong name and others with segments of other soundtracks scrambled into one file.

Trying to fix one of my Exports I created an AUP3 file of some of the tracks that were corrupted thus creating a substantially smaller file and still it scrambled them.

Am I doing something wrong or not doing something right?

Ver 3.0.2
Linux Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Did not compile the software

I’d recommend using “Audacity 2.3.3-1build1”. It’s available from the main Ubuntu repository and it’s been working reliably for me for months.