Audacity is now recording everything

Same system - Windows 10 lenovo ideapad 64 bit

I realized the problem did not start until Wed night, right about 730p to record a program. Everything else before that Tuesday night was fine. There were no updates that I am aware of.

I deleted it and restarted my computer, then downloaded 2.3.0 again. Now audacity is recording the outside/room noises, the lap top noises - keyboard and mouse, and then what I want to record on the web, all at the same time.

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Try these settings in Audacity preferences: “WASAPI” & Loopback …

WASAPI - LoopBack.png
Then restart Audacity, it should then only record the computer-output (e.g. web-browser), not the computer microphone.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Bingo! Helped me too. Thanks.

I have the same problem and the solution did not help. Under “Preferences/Device” the Interface dropdown only gives me 2 choices: 1. Host MME & 2. Windows DirectSound. In the Playback dropdown, it offers 1. Speakers [Realtek High Definition & 2. Microsoft Sound Mapper - Output … I chose #1 since that does match what was recommended. BUT, under the Recording dropdown (Device field) I only get 1. Microphone (Realtek High Definition) & 2. Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input. HELP!!

Not every computer is capable of recording loopback. You didn’t say what computer you have. Generally, if you do not have loopback or stereo mix, then you need a USB audio interface such as the Behringer UCA202 or UCA222. You will also need a loopback cable.