Audacity is creating folders without my permission


I am using Audacity 2.3.0

Unfortunately, Audacity has inappropriate behavior when exporting audio. This is creating folders automatically, based on the folder name (and sub folders) of the last export.

I work with several external USB HDD’s, I have several audio projects on different external hard drives. But when I plug them into USB, the drive letter is always the same, for any of them.

The following problem is occurring, which I consider to be a BUG. When I export audio to a USB HDD, Audacity improperly creates folder (and sub folder) on this drive, based on the folder name of the last export. But this was in ANOTHER unit, not in the current one.

My suggestion is as follows, DO NOT ALLOW Audacity to create folders without the permission of the computer owner. This is invasive, and creates confusion. It gives us a fright when we see an empty folder on a drive, mistakenly thinking we’ve lost all the files that are actually in another drive.

When exporting audio, if the folder does not exist, then do not allow Audacity to create it without the user’s permission. That simple!

Yes this is a bug. It is already logged on the Audacity bug tracker. The bug appears to be, at least in part, due to Windows “helpfully” restoring the folder (the issue does not occur on Mac or Linux), so the developers will need to find a way to work around the problem.

The bug was listed as P4:
Windows: previously deleted folders are unnecessarily re-created on next Save

I upgraded it to P3 to align its priority to the related bug:
Windows: Empty folder created on Import if last used import folder does not exist