Audacity is crashing on MacOS Sonoma

It has happened twice now since doing the Sonoma update.

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Yes, so the developers are aware of this issue and have fixed the bug in the next release (3.4) of Audacity. (Which is not yet available).

I seems that the crash occurs during update checking which will normally occur the first time you run the program each day. Until 3.4 is released, you can avoid this by disabling the update check in Preferences > Applications.


I can’t record from my Blue Yeti in Audacity, it crashes every time I start recording.
I have to import the audio file from another program.
So it crashes more than once a day :wink:
I hope the fix will come very soon.

I can confirm this issue. The first time each day I launch Audacity on Sonoma, it crashes. A manual update check will crash Audacity as well under Sonoma.

Note: to disable auto updates check in Audacity:

  • open ~/Library/Application Support/Audacity/audacity.cfg
  • change DefaultUpdatesChecking=1 to DefaultUpdatesChecking=0
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There is no need to do this. Instead, Preferences > Application > uncheck “Check for updates”.

Note Audacity 3.4 is on the way, possibly within 3-4 weeks.


Yeah, in my case, I could not start Audacity at all - it used to crash a fraction of a second after the window appeared. So for me, this was the only way to disable it, which I wanted to share. :wink:


I have no ~/Library/Application Support/Audacity/ directory. Will this work if I just create one? I also cannot go to “Preferences > Application …” because the app immediately crashes when opened.

I suppose you can try the 3.4 Beta-1 here: Releases · audacity/audacity · GitHub

Use at your own risk.

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