audacity is broght forward of the browser everytime

hi there, i’ve got a problem. audacity keeps coming forward everytime i a browser. this is when i’m using batch file chain. can you tell me why?

Perhaps you could begin by answering the questions in the pink panel at the top of the page. You know by now that we are going to ask you that.

Are you applying a Chain to imported files?

Do you mean you have a browser already open and the topmost application keeps switching back to Audacity as the Chain applies? That does not happen to me in 2.1.3-alpha on Windows 10.


yes, something wrong Gale Andrews.

I’m afraid that Gale will not be responding to you as in the intervening six months since the last post in this thread Glae sadly died on 10th August after a long illness.


oh i’m sorry to hear waxcylinder.

I’ve been experimenting on my W10 laptop - and I can’t reproduce the symtoms you describe :confused: