"Audacity is already running" Error

Hi. I keep getting this error that says “Audacity is already running” “The system has detected another copy of Audacity is running.” The story is I tried to open Audacity but it didn’t open. So I tried a second time and this error appeared. I ended the task in the task manager, re-installed Audacity, and rebooted about 3 times. Can someone help me fix this? Thanks.

When you reinstalled Audacity, did you check the place that says Reset Preferences and Settings? That may not help, but plain installing Audacity does not do a global reset.

First one of these I’ve seen on Windows. It comes up every so often on Macs by getting a lock file stuck. But I don’t know how Windows does it, and a search doesn’t either.

Wait for the Windows elves.


rebooted about 3 times.

Did you cold restart? Windows leaves pieces of itself running if you do a normal restart.

Do a clean start from Shift-Shutdown.


OMG It worked! Thanks for your help.