Audacity installer freezing at "Choose Language" UPDATE

UPDATE to question

I found that running the Audacity 2.1.2 installer froze when I attempted to click on the “next” button.
This happens during the “Choose Language” stage and each menu item during installation after that.

I discovered that by pressing “Enter” this bypasses the problem, so the problem lies with not being able to
click on the menu options of the installer with my mouse.

Make sure you obtain Audacity from us:

If you are already using our installer I feel it must be a problem with your mouse or your system. There might be some ideas here: Definitely do a full anti-virus check.


Thank you for your response, Gale.

I will keep an eye on this issue during the next update or re-installation.
The problem affected my computer for perhaps 2 days and at this time is no longer affecting my usage.

Cheers, Eleyan