Audacity installation header files...

Audacity is a cool audio processing software, but my question is how to install the audacity-src?

To compile it and install it to Linux is simple, but
“libaudacity.a” is not automatically saved to the /usr/lib (or /usr/local/lib) directory.

What’s more, the header files are not copied into /usr/include (or /usrlocal/include) directory.

The most important, shamefully, I don’t know which files I need to copy into the system directory.

You see, I just wanna install Audacity with all source files into the system directory.

How to deal with it?


I’m on Ubuntu 8.10 - the default install directory for the distro version of Audacity is /USR so I use the following:

./configure --prefix=/usr


sudo make install

Yes, I know. What I have done is

make install

I tried as in your way as well just now:

./configure --program-prefix=/usr
make install

But, the problem is this only installs the executable file in /usr/bin, rather than the source files !!!
After installation, did you get anything like
libaudacity.a in /usr/lib ?
and a folder named audacity in /usr/include, which contains all the required header files to program using audacity?


No, but it installed everything necessary to run Audacity.
If you want to keep a copy of the source code, you can move it to anywhere you like as it is only used for creating the program files, after which it is not required for running the application.

Yes, I know the code are of no use to run the executable code. I’m now programming with audio staffs, I just wanna take part of audacity to simplify my programming. I need those header files and libraries to link into my own program.