Audacity Install sit/spins Black Screen on Microsoft Request

Running Windows 10 Pro (all updates) [Note: system not able to update to Win 11] Stupid Intel i5! (sigh) and ‘trying’ to install updated Audacity audacity-win-3.1.3-64bit. I wrote this line last… One thing I just thought of is that it’s possible the old Audacity version is 32bit; and I haven’t uninstalled that before running the 64 bit… Presume it would just let me have two versions, old and new… so perhaps I NEED to uninstall the old audacity. Didn’t want to do that in case… well, I don’t know… I’m redundant in everything I do… :wink:

In my years of installing programs and apps on Microsoft Windows (10) systems; I’ve never seen anything like this…
When I click to install Audacity, the first window sits and spins… it’s the “Windows warning about Audacity being a non Microsoft-verified app. Install anyway.” EXCEPTI do NOT get this, instead, IT IS BLACK, and spinning circle (stalled). The information about it not being a Microsoft product does not appear, or ask… instead NOTHING, a black screen with a sit and spin. ODD! Of course I cannot proceed; and the install at this time is not happening. :astonished:

I am in process of running SFC and a few other “normal” checks on the system… that will take a little while; but, anyone seen this before; I sure haven’t. I would send you a screenshot of this; but, my Nvidia is not letting me take a screenshot… not unusual; but, yeah… happens…
I’m posting this to get a start on possible replies; but, when I next return; I will have done a thorough system check… and rebooted that machine… and I hope… will just say… Hmmm wonder what that was all about… But, if anyone has any thoughts, other than what I’m doing to check out the system; they will be much appreciated… scratching my head on this… (Since I don’t have anything else to install… it’s a puzzler)… I did one update to an app; which was an internal app call; which worked fine.

I will be back before end of day… hopefully with good news… if not… (shrugs shoulders).

Nearest thing I can figure out is that either (too complicated Microsoft - Gmail address - MS not playing fair) or Microsoft is down and couldn’t or wouldn’t to connect to my computer. In the end, I got a weird message saying it couldn’t check the file I was trying to install [RUN] [DON’T RUN]. I checked the SHA-256 and that was identical; so, who knows… Microsoft’s new scare tactic message? Or, perhaps MS is down today? (shrugs).

Sorry, I forgot to add to the last post; so, after the weird, new, doesn’t mention non-MS approved software, just some mumbo jumbo about we can’t check it so install at your own risk… I got the usual install or don’t… and after selecting install :wink: Installed smoothly without any issues; and used it; and runs great… thank you team! Love the new features… I hadn’t updated in a few years… so… woo hoo… love it!