audacity in english (vs. system default localized)

Hi everybody.

Is there a way to revert the inoperable Italian localization to a plain English Audacity?

I opted for “English” in the installer. But that just sets the language of the installer procedure, what goes installed is still the system defult localization.

Thanks for the attention.

Q. Why “inoperable italian localization”?
A. In Italy integer and decimal numbers are separated by a comma (not by a period like US/UK system). The numeric keypad still sports the period sign for compatibility reasons.
Most software is able to convert the ascii assignment of the key into the internal calculation system (types “comma” when the app is working internally with comma-separated numbers and “period” when working with the US/UK system).
Audacity-Italian-localized is not that smart: it types “period” and then works internally with comma-separated calculations.
Thus rendering impossible to use the #keypad in filters: you type 2.9 and it ignores the “.9” value (that is: it performs a 2.0 calculation). Worse: if you type 0.9 it performs 0.0 (no change in the waveform), but still acts as if doing something (progress bar, memorize undo, etc).
Could this also be considered a bug report?


  • Audacity 2.0.2 / Windows XP
  • searched FAQ and forum for “localized” “localize” “delocalize”.
  • I have been using Audacity 1.3 English, both on Mac and Win. But I don’t recall what actions I had to perform in order to avoid “italianization” (It’s been some time since I installed)

this FAQ in the manual should help:


Thanx a lot. I didn’t search for “language” (too easy, searching for “localize” seemed more pro, I guess :blush: ).

Just for the record: after selecting language you have to restart Audacity for the change to apply.
This is stated in the FAQ as a minor “by-the-way” issue. It is so (minor) but the restart is mandatory to get a full language switch.

Maybe the FAQ could be updated as follows
4. On the right, open the drop-down box containing a list of the language choices
5. Select the language you want and press “ENTER” on your keyboard.
6. Restart Audacity

the behaviour of the italian localization stays crappy. Maybe it happens to all European localizations (but for UK, of course).

Thx again for the help

The quality and quantity of translation is down to the volunteers that do the translation.
If you would like to help improve the Italian translation, please see here:

Done (for the manual that will ship with 2.0.3 - we can’t update the current manual, sorry).

Thanks for the suggestion - and glad we got you sorted.


Very few people from European countries that have comma separation complain. Perhaps it is more common than you think that software wants to calculate with period separation. Can you name some good free programs that work as you want?

Do the Audacity built-in effects (above the divider in the Effect Menu) work in the same way when typing commas as the effects below the divider (which are plug-ins)?